DIY Aquaponics Guide

The Abridged Guide To DIY Aquaponics

To buy a prefabricated aquaponics system can be an expensive acquisition, but for a large majority of the population a practical DIY aquaponic system is an easy to replicate ecosystem that be constructed and engaged with a rather simple list of components.

But first…

To make sure your aquaponic project is well established and set to bear fruit, you will want to avail yourself of the extensive online resources on this subject. Make sure you understand exactly what you are accomplishing with your hydroponic system and you will increase your chances of success.

Details in location considerations, types of systems as well as the requirements for the plants you hope to grow will all be essential to the ultimate success of your system.

Following is the list of basic of things you will need to begin your DIY Aquaponics. Just like baking a cake it is the precise application of measured ingredients that make all the difference between an unattractive glorified fish tank and a successful aquaponic ecosystem.

Fish Tank — There are some reasons that a glass fish tank is a poor idea for the best aquaponics system set up, most aquaponics savants will choose a fish barrel or some other tank option. With proper proportions an aquaponic system can support 1 pound of fish per gallon.

Food Table /Grow Bed— larger tables will hold a greater quantity of food, but will need a suitably sized fish tank to hold enough fish to provide nutrients for the entire food table. A proper balance between plants and fish will provide thriving gardens

System Support – grow bed will need plenty of support with the water, media and plant life that will be bearing down. Make sure this is built for optimal care and maintenance as you will be caring to the plants on this table.

Water Pump — there are many varieties, be sure you get something up to the task.

Air Pump — to keep your fish tank supplied with oxygen.

Grow Bed Media — Coconut coir is a top quality option, but there are also gravel beads and many other options. The plant being grown will decided the best choice in media. Using some types of gravel can adversely affect the pH of the water, clay beads can also be found that have no such effect.

Bell Siphon — this is an inexpensive apparatus that you could probably build yourself with a little direction.

Plumbing — the fun part will be adding the tubes and pipes to the design, your personal system will dictate exactly how much you will need. You will need a water feed line from the fish tank to the grow beds and then a drainage system going back.

Conclusion — As you can see most of the items you see here could be obtained without breaking the $100 mark. These materials will produce a simple but very effective aquaponics system. If you are interested in beginning this intricate and precise project, be sure you document your process for posterity.

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